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The Frequency Coordination System Association (FCSA) is a not-for-profit Canadian corporation and an association of some twenty organizations that own and operate microwave radio communication facilities and are involved in radio frequency spectrum management activities including frequency coordination.

FCSA owns, operates and administers a computer and database facility and a microwave information coordination system (MICS) software module used by the Member organizations in the design, planning and implementation of their microwave radio systems.

Originally known as the Canadian Telecommunications Carriers Association (CTCA) when it was founded in 1972, FCSA was established in 1983. FCSA has provided its Members a valuable and effective forum for the cooperative management of a scarce public resource - the radio frequency spectrum.

FCSA is managed by a small full-time staff under the guidance of its executive consisting of the President, Vice-President, Chairman of its MICS Technical Group (MTG), the General Manager and Secretary-Treasurer, and a Board of Directors.

The MICS Management Committee (MMC), composed of the Officers and the MTG Chairperson, acts as the interface between the Board and the MTG.

The MTG addresses all radio engineering and computer operations related matters.

The MICS Operations Group addresses the day-to-day computer terminal operations issues.



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